Patrick Stewart

To Boldly Go Where Shakespeare Calls By SARAH LYALL Published: January 27, 2008 Patrick Stewart is in the midst of a third act in his unlikely career that brings him full circle: back to England and back to the Shakespeare of his youth.


Instant Nostalgia? Let’s Go to the Videotape By DENNIS LIM Published: January 27, 2008 The videocassette in film: an unsettling innovation, a romanticized artifact, an LP in an MP3 world.

Sundance Roundup 2008

New American Realism Emerges Amid Grousing and Hummers By MANOHLA DARGIS Published: January 25, 2008 Although my favorite fiction films at Sundance were different in theme and tone, they were united by stylistic commonalities, a feel for the still moment — and, importantly, for beauty.

A.O. Scott on Heath Ledger

Prince of Intensity With a Lightness of Touch By A. O. SCOTT Published: January 24, 2008 Heath Ledger was serious and smart enough to be suspicious of deploying his charisma too easily or cheaply.

Sundance 2008

Caution’s in the Air as Sundance Opens By DAVID M. HALBFINGER Published: January 21, 2008 The Sundance Film Festival’s opening weekend drew to a close looking more and more like a disappointment, if not an outright dud.

Michael Keaton Directs

Michael Keaton Never Expected to Be the Director By DAVID M. HALBFINGER Published: January 20, 2008 Movie actors making their directorial debuts often do it as a labor of love. For Michael Keaton, directing “The Merry Gentleman” was a bit of a daredevil adventure.

Writers Strike Report

Writers’ Strike Tests the Mettle of 2 Outsiders By MICHAEL CIEPLY Published: January 19, 2008 The president of the Writers Guild of America West and his chief lieutenant are deliberating a question that may bode ill for both: Is their rebellion over?