ALP 07

Australian Premier, an Ally of Bush, Is Defeated By TIM JOHNSTON Published: November 25, 2007 Prime Minister John Howard, one of President Bush’s staunchest allies in Asia, suffered a resounding loss after 11 years in power.

Lo Fidelity

Hard to Be an Audiophile in an iPod World By ANTHONY TOMMASINI Published: November 25, 2007 As LPs and stereos have given way to CDs and MP3 players, are high-quality systems endangered?

Lights, Camera – Sex!

More ‘Sex,’ and the City Is Happy About It By MELENA RYZIK Published: November 25, 2007 Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are older. New York is wiser. So many challenges for the ‘Sex and the City’ movie.

Woody Harrelson

Loves the Beach, the Planet and Movies By DAVID CARR Published: November 25, 2007 With a new feature and two more on the way, Woody Harrelson is in the midst of a rekindled affair with the movies.

Martha Plimpton

So Odd, but Lately in Classic Fashion By MELENA RYZIK Published: November 25, 2007 After nearly 30 years as an actor, Martha Plimpton has only recently changed her position from indie character actress to classics star.

Woody Talks

Woody Talks Review by DAVID KAMP Published: November 18, 2007 Eric Lax’s new book of interviews with Woody Allen, along with recent collections of Allen’s fiction and prose, helps burnish the director’s legacy.