Clapton on Clapton

Slowhand By STEPHEN KING Published: October 28, 2007 Eric Clapton remembers his life and his music — and how he hit bottom in 1981, about 15 years after seeing his first piece of “Clapton Is God” graffiti on a London wall.

Hotel Chevalier | Dir: Wes Anderson 2007

‘Darjeeling’ to Be Paired With a Short By LIA MILLER Published: October 22, 2007 When “The Darjeeling Limited” is released nationwide on Friday, moviegoers will first see a short film, “Hotel Chevalier,” which the studio hopes will boost ticket sales.

Sidney Lumet

After 50 Years, Still No Time for Cheap Sentiment By DENNIS LIM Published: October 21, 2007 Most directors do not go on to make one of their best films after receiving their lifetime achievement Oscars. But most directors do not have the stamina of Sidney Lumet.

Debbie Harry

Still Punk, Still Proud, Still Breaking the Rules By MELENA RYZIK Published: October 16, 2007 For more than 30 years Debbie Harry, 62, has carved a path of rebellious downtown cool, providing a template for countless female rockers who followed.

Chad Vader

In a City Far, Far Away From Hollywood, the YouTube Tales of a Lesser Vader By DAVID CALLENDER Published: October 15, 2007 Do the Madison, Wis.-based creators of “Chad Vader” have what it takes to parlay their YouTube stardom into an entertainment career?

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin to Make Its Songs Available Digitally By JEFF LEEDS Published: October 15, 2007 The band’s decision to sell its music online coincides with the end of a fierce bidding war over the rights to administer the band’s catalog of songs.