Martin Cruz Smith

Six Novels of Clues to the Soul of Mother Russia By TIMOTHY L. O’BRIEN Published: August 5, 2007 A reading of Martin Cruz Smith’s Renko novels set in Russia offers an incisive encapsulation of Soviet and post-Soviet travails over the last few decades. Dig Up the Garrote and the Moscow Rule Book: Guess Who’s Back […]

Richard Price in Interview

Author of Clockers, Color of Money & Sea of Love in Interview. A Kaleidoscopic Perspective on a Murder, and Dreams Lost and Found By MICHIKO KAKUTANI Published: March 4, 2008 In his latest novel, “Lush Life,” Richard Price puts his myriad gifts together to create his most powerful and galvanic work yet.

Gus Van Sant

Back in Portland, the Latest Outsider Has a Skateboard By BLAKE NELSON Published: March 2, 2008 Gus Van Sant’s new film, “Paranoid Park,” again shows his fascination with the young, “the creators of the new.”

Sheryl Crow

Basking in the Sun Though Wary of a Storm By JON PARELES Published: February 5, 2008 In the three years since Sheryl Crow released “Wildflower” she has changed everything from her residence to her commercial expectations.

Steven Wright

A Strange Career Takes an Odd Turn By PETER KEEPNEWS Published: February 10, 2008 After 22 years without an album, Steven Wright has earned a second Grammy nomination.

George Romero

Horror Auteur Is Unfinished With the Undead By KATRINA ONSTAD Published: February 10, 2008 Over five films and four decades the director George A. Romero’s slack-jawed undead have been our tour guides through a brainless, barbaric America.