I’ve been seeing this bill poster for about a week or so now and suddenly it occurred to me to take a photo of it. It’s not too often that you see a good old classic-style black and white bill done this nicely when you’re out and about in town. It doesn’t hurt that it’s for Death and Grindcore bands or that it features Bub from George Romero’s Day of the Dead (I’ve seen Bub show up on bills before; he’s well suited to advertising metal gigs).

The version of the poster I was going to take a picture of was a nice pink one that stood out on a poster board in the middle of town but the day after it went up some losers wallpapered the whole thing with their third rate, glossy paper, all-black dance party bill poster (it even had the usual Ministry of Sound generic rip-off stylised font—in other words, zero creativity involved).

In the nineties you use to see bills like this all over the place (the Belconnen interchange was a hotspot of bill activity). Nowadays, straight forward black and white bills are harder to come by. Frankly I wouldn’t mind a nice pink one of these framed on my wall.

Beyond that: today I heard that someone stole Matt (Sleep, High on Fire) Pike’s guitar pedals. You’d have to be desperate to steal a fellas pedals (or maybe just stupidly opportunistic). Anyway while I guess the likelihood of their return is nil hopefully Pike’ll be back up and running with new pedals soon.

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