So I went to Running in the Shadows: The Australian Fleetwood Mac show on Saturday. They were great (and it was loud)! I quickly found my way to the front of stage-left given that my initial position near the sound desk positioned me behind some tall dudes who blocked my view of ‘Stevie Nicks’ (can’t have that!).

For the record, they played a variety of tracks from throughout the bands history including an early thumping blues number from ’69 as well as all the expected fan favourites (their performance of Tusk was great – don’t think I could have held my phone up long enough to record that one even if I tried). You’d be hard-pressed to find a better collection of Fleetwood Mac songs other than at the bona-fide bands own concert (and as Australian fans outside the limited places that they’re touring in 2019 know this is the best way to get a fix of live Fleetwood Mac).

Landslide was performed early in the gig and that’s one song that never ceases to blow me away. Nicks’ lyrics are exceptional and the performance by Running in the Shadows hit all the right notes.

I didn’t plan on videoing any of it but as I saw a few folk stick their phones in the air I couldn’t resist. Recommended as a night out with the Missus or Hubby or just go solo, you won’t regret it.

This night capped off a pretty intense run of band watching over the preceding weeks. I’m going to post some more clips and chat about band stuff (pick-ups from gigs and other albums) over the coming weeks. Also I’ve put up a YouTube channel for anyone interested in following what I’m up to. Check it out.

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